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Hardy Boys (2020) - Spoilers OK

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I'm not quite done with the series (on episode 10 out of 13), but I was was wondering if anyone else was watching this and what they thought...

The brothers have kind of grown on me, but I don't really like the supernatural aspects of the series---that seems to run counter to the grounded viewpoint of the books that I remember...

I also like the actor who plays Chet (Adam Swain), but it doesn't look like he's been in many other things before...and I really dislike both the Phil character and Aunt Trudy...they don't seem very realistic...
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I liked it. I thought the actor playing the younger brother, Joe, Alexander Elliot, did a fantastic job.
I loved it. Finished it in a single day.
I liked it. It seemed to me they wanted to do a cheaper version of Stranger Things, but never really pulled it off.

The kid playing Joe was a great actor, but man I didn't like that character at all. A typical annoying kid that had no thought of consequences. Joe wasn't that way in the books, so that may be what throws me off.
Joe really reminded me of another actor or character. Another short, sarcastic younger brother...can't think of what show it was though...
Only on Hulu?
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