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hard drive vs. software

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how do i know if it is the software or the hard drive that is giving me problems? from doing searches on this forum it seems they are fairly similar. is there anything in particular that one problem or the other would tell me what it is?

i have a hughes sd-dvr40 (unhacked - completely stock) that i bought a year ago. i do not know when i got the software update but i do have 6.3. i have had the thing freeze on me only once about a week ago - that i had to unplug to get rid of - and the fact that it was only once makes me think it might not be software? the other problem is that recorded shows seem to skip or lose audio and picture for a second. it reminds me of when its windy and the satellite signal gets bad. but its not happening live - only on my recorded shows. shouldn't that indicate that it is a hard drive issue? it is not constant, but at least once or twice a show. should i be looking into a new hard rive or new unit in the future? or is this something to do with the software problems everyone is having?

thanks for any help!!!!
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Hard drives have an expected life of between 3 and 5 years. Open your TiVo and check the MFG date on the top of the drive. If it is over 4 years that may be the problem.
The back says May 04, so possibly the hard drive then? And how long should it last? Should I just be looking into a new drive now, before it gives out - or wait a while still since its not REALLY annoying yet? Will it get worse before it dies to will it just die one day?

And then do I just go to weaknees or are there others for hard drives?
You can buy preconfigured hard drives from www.dvrupgrade.com or from www.weaknees.com both are good companies and can be trusted. The hard drive may be going but it could be a year or so before it dies. you can wait till it dies and should only take a week to replace. When you do I suggest buying a bigger drive. The smallest that I use is 160 Gigabytes.
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