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Hard Drive Swap

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I couldn't come up with a definitive answer. So I'll ask the question. I'm retiring a S2 140 version that has an second drive upgrade kit that came from weaknees and I'd like to take both drives and use them in a S2 240 version (removing the original drive) I know I will have to get a twin breeze bracket and powertrip adapter from weaknees. Will this work? Will the drives retain the shows already recorded and the seasons passes or will the Tivo not boot up because of the different hardware?

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The 240 TiVo will boot with the 140 TiVo's hard drives, but you will not be able to retain the shows. You will get a message indicating a hard ware problem has been encountered, an error #51. If you navigate to the System Info page, your TSN will be all zeros (000-0000-0000-0000) and you will not be able to play any recordings. To clear the hard ware error, you have to do a "Clear & Delete Everything" which, well, clears and deletes everything from the drives and makes you re-run guided setup.

But you can put the drives into the 240 and it will boot. You just lose all your shows.

I'd recommend getting a larger hard drive and put that into your 240, then use MRV to move the shows to the newer TiVo. Having 2 drives in one TiVo is asking for trouble in a few months/years when one of the drives decides to die. When it does, it will take the other drive with it.

Hope that helps,
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