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Hi Folks,

My Tivo Series 2 Hard Drive died this week. I want to replace it myself to save $$$ and time, mainly so I don't have to wait two weeks for a replacment from Tivo. I have a few questions:

1) Can the series 2 accomidate 2 hard drives?
2) Is there a limit to how large the hard drive can be?
3) How do I find my model #?
4) Can anyone reccomend a company that sells hard drives with Tivo Software Installed?
5) Where do I find instructions for swapping drives?
4) If I swap hard drives and reinstall everything from scratch, what's involved?

Any help is truly appreciated.


PS - I have lifetime service. I'm hoping Tivo will run a promotion again to transfer my service to a newer box.

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1: From a software standpoint yes. However there is no place to mount a second drive. Power is sometimes a problem. You can get a kit that has a bracket, fan, and a "power trip" 2nd drive power delay device.
Practically though, HDDs are cheap, so it really makes no sense for the average user to run two drives.

2: For Series 2, I think only 1TB total capacity can be accessed by the TiVoApp.

3: System Info screen, or back label. There is a model field, or the first 3 digits of the TSN is the model (eg 240).

4: also mfslive, dvrupgrade

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  1. Hard drives are cheap stay with one drive less problems 300 gig is good price point but I just purchased a 500 gig for $109. You need IDA/PATA drives for a series 2 (Not SATA).
  2. Should be fine upto the 750 gig you can buy.
  3. See Classicsat's answer
  4. Weaknees or DVRupgrade
  5. If you are going to image a blank drive you will need your units TiVo software see Instantcake which is an ISO image you can buy, download, burn to CD (you can also just order the CD) and then use to boot your computer and format a TiVo image onto a hard drive.
  6. If you buy a TiVo formated/imaged hard drive it only takes minutes to change the drive - if you image your own drive see above, time needed will depend on your skills.

Good Luck,
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