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Trunks4191 said:
I have to disagree with TOMM1079. MAXTORS are really bad. I bought a 250 gig from newegg
I am ready to install it into my tivo and see how far i can go.
The reliability of hard drives is littered with anecdotal experiences. My experience (10+ years as a sys/database admin) is that if the drive is bad, it's going to die. Doesn't matter who made the thing. I currently have hard drive doorstops here on my desk at work from Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate and IBM. I'd say that I have probably seen just a few more Maxtors die than other ones, but not enough to warrant them being "really bad".

Unless there is a known problem with a certain batch of hard drives, just about any of the major players will make something that works fine.
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