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This is a spoiler thread for Season 5. Normally I wouldn't use spoiler tags in a spoiler thread but this isn't about season 5, so

handmaid's tail renewed for a 6th and final season. Although season 6 likely won't be the end of Gilead. Showrunner Bruce Miller is working on a show based on the next book - The Testaments.

Ok done with spoiler tags.

Season 5
Couple of thoughts

1) I still don't know where Cmdr Lawrence & Nick's loyalties lie.
2) Sure it could be argued that Serena is a lot less to blame than Fred, but she has plenty of warcrimes herself. I don't like that she was allowed to go back to Gilead
3) Glad she did. Hopefully Luke is onboard now with June and ready to join the fight.
4) Cmdr Putnam needs to die. Painfully.
5) I've always liked Janine. But I wouldn't be terribly sad is she died, Esther lived and Esther was able to blame the tainted chocolates on Putnam. But that's a pipe-dream. But it'll be interesting to see what happens and how much guilt and / or blame Lydia has for what happened under her watch (again).
Lydia has too many problems controlling these girls.

I think my wife and I may be this show's biggest fans. So glad it's back!
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