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I am unable to download the latest hackman from the tivohackman.com website. The program files link appears to be broken. I get a directory listing denied error using Firefox 15 and IE9 just times out.

I have a copy that I downloaded a while back, version 4.2, which I have tried installing. When I follow the instructions for installation and restart TivoWeb Plus, 2.1.3b, nothing appears to happen and no new links appear in the browser. The browsers are the same as listed above. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. My Tivo is an upgraded Series 1 with the 3.0-01-1-000 operating system.

When I try to execute the hackman.tcl from a shell prompt, it errors out on line 34 with a message about an unknown back door program. I have checked the path variable and added every sub folder of tivoweb-tcl and have given execution rights to .tcl and .itcl files.

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