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Follow-up related question, not focusing at all on the legal issues at all. I, like many other TiVo fans jumpped at the opportunity to transfer my lifetime service from my S2 to an S3. A while back TiVo had a limited offer for 1-time transfers of lifetime service to the S3, in addition the offer also included a 12 month subscription for you old box.

Now that the 12 month on the S2 is running low, I would normally be inclined to do one of 3 things:
1.) Sell it, however there is no real market as TiVo virtually gives S2's away these days
2.) Hack the dickens out of it to make something of a project out of it
3.) Recycle it

The typical American would likely toss it in the trash and add to our massive dead technology landfill problem. It would be wise for TiVo to offer some type of recycle program for unused S1 or S2 units.


PS: Personally I am planning on tearing our the guts of the old unit, finding a low-cost micro-AT board that fits and basically using it at a Linix MythTV case...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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