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If you hacked your tivo using something other than the zipper, you can still take advantage of the enhancement script's var-symlink tool (attached). Ceate a dummy directory called /enhancements/varhacks, and move all your hacks in there. Then run the var-symlinks.sh script. The script will create all the required symlinks back to var. If var ever gets wiped again, just re-run the script.


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WhyMe said:
Ok what did I do wrong, got the newer version of tweak.zip, use winrar to unzip, ftp the tweak.sh to the hacks folder after deleting the tweak that was in there. telnet uninstall and then run tweak.sh.. here is what I get.. Please help

Den-bash# cd /hacks
Den-bash# tweak-uninstall.sh
Removing directories and files...
Deleting Tivowebplus Installation...
Deleting cron Installation...
Deleting CallerID Installation...
Restoring original fakecall...
Restoring original usb drivers...
Restoring original profile...
Restoring original rc.sysinit.author file
Restoring original splash screen...
Den-bash# sh tweak.sh
Superseded version of rbautch-files.tgz found in /hacks/
Deleting /hacks/rbautch-files.tgz...

Running rbautch Hacked Tivo Enhancements...
tar: /enhancements/rbautch_files.tgz: No such file or directory
mv: /enhancements/tweak_uninstall.sh: No such file or directory
Checking your telnet settings. Do you want to continue? [y/n]: y

Do you want to run the "express" version (for advanced users)? [y/n]: n
tweak.sh: /enhancements/start.sh: No such file or directory
This means you were trying to run the new script, but an old files archive was still on your Tivo. Just run it again, and it should download the new files archive on its own. I need to fix this to make it cleaner if an old archive is found.
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