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I really would be tempted to put in a new hard drive as suggested above - you DON'T need to be technically minded. There are many on the Forum who will guide you through the process in non-technical terms. Even if you went out and bought a new PanaSonyPhilips XYZ 3.6 Hard Drive recorder (Note I don't use the phrase PVR!!) who is to say that its hard drive won't go into meltdown after so long. TiVo is so durable and adaptable that you can keep it going via a hard drive replacement in 9 out of 10 cases. Plus (and this is the biggy) where are you gonna find a Forum full of helpful enthusiasts when your PanaSonyThingy goes FUBAR. :D

Good luck


PS look at blindlemons homepage (click on his name on the post) he's not allowed to tout but he's the mutts nuts when it comes to HD replacements.

doh..... the visually challenged citric one beat me to it
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