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iankb said:
If you can get to a bash prompt (i.e. you're networked), then I would run 'mfscheck'. This looks like an error in the mfs filesystem, which may be due to a drive failure, but might also be just a correctable software-induced fault. These can often be corrected by running 'mfsassert -please', which will trigger a reboot into mfsfix, otherwise known as the 'Green Screen of Death'.

If you can't get a bash prompt, then a replacement drive is quite likely to fix the problem. Certainly well worth the risk, compared to the alternative of losing your TiVo.
You can do a MFS check, i.e. force a green screen without your tivo being networked.

See instructions pinched from another page below (Can't find link, just found in my docs)

While booting the power light will change from green to yellow as the line 'checkpanic' in the rc.sysinit gets executed. This happens a few seconds before the screen changes from the startup image to "almost there" and it's your cue to hold down a button (use pause) on the remote to trigger a panic. When the record light changes yellow, key in one of the following sequences:

0 - emergency call to tivo, touchtone dialing
1 - emergency call to tivo, pulse dialing
9 - emergency call to tivo, touchtone w/ 9 prefix
-- I suggest not doing any of these unless explicitly instructed

52 - emergency reinstall
-- this will act like you've received new software but will reinstall the existing software on the alternate root partition and boot it, particularly useful so you don't have to go trolling for backup images when your hacks fail.

56 - software install

57 - mfs check
58 - perform mfs cleanup
-- both of these will cause the green screen and various mfs checks
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