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as mentioned before, i moved house and changed from sky to NTL cable,so i attempted to do a guided setup to change the settings.
even tho tivo had made several daily calls no problem, on the guided setup, suddenly it was coming up failed to connect.
I've changed the phone lead, and unplugged it several times, but can't get it to make the call, and now i can't get normal tivo operation, even tho i left it unplugged for 20 hours to reset itself.
i'm at my wits end. on speaking to tivo helpline, i was informed that it could be my modem.
how can i make sure of this?
is there any other way i can reset my tivo?
i'm almost desperate enuff to go back to sky+.
help!!! :mad:

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I woke up one morning to my Tivo stating unable to find cable signal. I have tried everything in the book to troubleshoot. This post is my last resort.

I swapped out cable boxes, i bypassed the cable box and went from the wall to the in port for the cable, tried different cable, tried different room. i even went as far as wiping the TIVO to factory defaults.

I have the the Toshiba series 2 Tivo with a DVD combo. I can remember the exact model.

Please, please help me with any suggestion that anyone might have. My fear is that the inputs might be fried.

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