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I recently upgraded to digital cable and received a converter box from my cable company (Scientific Atlanta 8200).

I wanted to access the digital cable through my Tivo (series 2 DT), so I set it up how the instructions told me to.

I then reran guided setup. I am able to get through most of the setup, but it freezes up after the IR blaster is setup. I go through the entire process of viewing channels through the cable box, and having tivo set up the ability to change channels with the IR blaster. Everything seems to be working perfectly, and Tivo said that it can now change channels on the cable box, and tells me to hit select to continue. When I hit select it goes to a screen that says "please wait" and just sits there. It never leaves this screen (I left it there for hours).

If I run guided setup again, but tell it that I don't have a cable box, everything works fine...however I then can't control the cable box with my tivo (or record shows on the digital channels).

I have tried this several times, and can't get it to work. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the hookups. I hooked everything up exactly like it said in the instructions, and during the channel changing test everything seems to be working perfectly. It is only when I try to go to the next step that there is a problem.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?
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