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Guide missing titles "new" on many channels Weds 4/15 on only one of two Tivo Premiere.

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There are many glitches with TIVO software, like on TODO items where sometimes it says how long the recording, while other times it won't tell you. I also get a kick out of it when I set up a recording on a different Tivo than I am using, and it tells me that "Recording Started", even though the schedule is for a week in the future!

But... this time, it's a real mystery. On one of my Premiere Tivos, the guide is not missing any titles from 8pm on Wednesday 4/15. On the other one, the guide has all kinds of "new" showing and otherwise blank on many channels. I keep doing network updates, but it doesn't change anything. Anyone have any ideas? I've had to tell it to record these blank "new" time slots in order to get the upcoming next episode.
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Mine started the same thing, mostly premium channels showing no guide data.

doing the clear “guide data and the to do list, this may take an hour” now.

Issue started 4/15 also
Still on the same screen..... hope it goes ok.
Ok, no love, did kick start 57, now green screen indicating serious problem, now attempting to fix, will take about three hours.
Green screen recovered TiVo, downloaded new guide data after green screen repair, TiVo back in service.
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The guide on only one of my two Tivo Premieres never filled in the blank "new" for shows last Wednesday and Thursday. I think that it might have something to do with "One Pass" program glitches. I had a bunch of episodes of a particular show that were scheduled for recording Weds and Thursday that disappeared from the guide and from the todo list on Weds and Thursday. Somehow, someway a programmer did not plan for this type of situation and screwed up that Premiere's guide. Only guessing.
TiVo started the “ to ba announced” for guide data again.

any advice?
TiVo started the " to ba announced" for guide data again.

any advice?
Are you OTA and is this due to frequency changes/repack?

Fios cable TV, seems it was just a one day issue with the guide data, I didn’t do anything and the guide is back to normal.
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