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Guide data for ABC may be incorrect for June 14

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Your guide data may not be caught up for Tuesday the 14th on ABC due to the NBA finals which were completed on Sunday. I put a manual up for the World News but others may be wanting to watch Wipeout.
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I figured non-sports fans needed the news. As a Californian who just prefers ABC Nightly News, I just wanted Diane Sawyer back.
Not that there is anything wrong with a warning, but it is a bit premature. At The time you posted this, the most up to date guide data would have been from Sunday afternoon before the game. New guide data wouldn't be released for another few hours and then again on Tuesday afternoon.
It looks like Monday's guide data, the first new data after the nba final, has the change and does show that Wipeout is on Tuesday evening.
Sometimes my guide data does not update with just a two day warning. It did this time.
oh, that's why Jeopardy was not set to record today when I checked last night (the whole "left side of its brain and right side not communicating"). I had to manually set it to record.
I don't know, I only was interested in the news and it recorded fine.
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