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Grimm 11/11/11 Beeware

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I'm not sure why I'm still watching this show until the big bad wolf gets pulled in because "Timmy's stuck in a well and you need Lassie" and then I remember why I'm still watching! I'm still not thrilled with the Grimm/Nick character, but Eddie is entertaining enough for me to keep the SP!
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Weakest episode so far. We did see a slight amount of plot development I guess.
I cannot understand the Queen bee's motivation. If she was trying to help Nick, then why not contact Nick and tell him what he needs to know? Instead, she practically forced Nick to shoot her, when she could have instead surrendered to Nick and told him about the danger.
Losing interest fast...
Ya if this show wasn't on Friday night when I have free space, I would of deleted it last week.
Losing interest fast...
Me too.

I just watched this show. During the queen bee fight at the end, the words "this show is awful" came out of my mouth. That might be a sign. :)

I have one more episode on my DVR. If it isn't any better, I'm done with this show.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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