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dubluv said:
after my tivoHD rec'd the new 9.1 update, some channels are displaying only as a gray screen. is this a known issue? i tried reinitializing both cards, but it still does this on one tuner. i'm not sure if its one cc that is causing this, or tivo s/w or a combination. i dont want to call for a tech visit until i know what i'm dealing with. they told me if the repair wasnt a cable issue, i' would be charged, as i'm sure this is standard operating procedure.
Seems like quite a few people are experiencing this (including me, one one of my Series 3 boxes) but TiVo doesn't seem to have a response or solution yet. Rebooting does seem to clear it, but it reoccurs in a day or two. Really, really annoying.

Update: Earlier today, I tuned to an HD channel and briefly got a message on the bottom of the screen saying "HDMI connection not permitted." The screen was blank briefly, but then tuned to the channel fine. Is everyone experiencing this problem using HDMI, instead of component? Could this be and HDCP handshaking issue?
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