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green ornage green off ???

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Hi all,
Tivo has been a little lazy last few days.
SLow to act at first and tonight it stopped working all together.
I tried a reboot and didnt get as far as the hello boot up screen.
The green light cam on for about 5 seconds,went orange and went off and tries to do the same again,green for about 10 seconds orange and back off.
Would you say its the power supply or the HD?

I dont hear the fan either :(

thanks all

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Sounds to me like there might be some stray IR signals from somewhere but I'm not sure it would stop it booting-up.
Most likely the drive. Do you get the "Welcome. Powering up..." message?
Stray IR can stop it booting - it does that thing with the lights and just sits there - check for stuck buttons or completely covering the front while booting.
sadly there is NO powering up just the black screen,
i.e I think theres no signal from Tivo.
it just when the light on the front goes off and goes back into that cycle again.
thanks for all input,the tops off now and will try the old fireball drive first.
lifes just not the same without it :-(

ok tops off and the fan is turning.
swopped sp 160 for old fireball.

still no picture


with spin point attached (made 2004) AS i SAID,green light,off then orange then off. fan stops turning for a few secs.then process restarts.

with fireball on it maintains fan and forgot how loud fireballs were :)

still no picture from scart output.
all help thankfully recieved.

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Stray IR is supposed to display two orange lights on boot-up.
iankb said:
Stray IR is supposed to display two orange lights on boot-up.
Ah right! I knew it gave some kind of indication via the lights. :)
Ok just had another look.

Firewall led on hard drive is flashing on and off.
but the front display no has no lights on it at all,fan is still turning too.

sounds bad eh>/?



could I plug the hard drive into a linux sat box,what would happen/?
chubbybrown said:
ok tops off and the fan is turning.
swopped sp 160 for old fireball.

still no picture


This is a long shot but you never know...
Tell me you haven't simply dropped in another hard drive into the Tivo without preparing it first. Usually when people upgrade there is some sort of dialogue / query contained in their post. The fact that you don't mention the upgrade doesn't of course mean you have missed out any steps - but as I said I'm just checking ;)
Ive put the original one back in.
the upgraded one has been in there for years and years.
with the samsung spinpoint Upgraded one it actually seems like its rebooting in a loop every 10 seconds.
the original fireball 40 gb spins now for at least 20 minutes,but there is no display on telly or from the front of the tivo ( no lights at all )
so bottom line theres no display to telly.
Silly, I know, but check the scart cables you have connected the TV on.

Sounds like your new 160 is knackered. But if the old fireball is loading (flicking of HDD LED) it could be ok.

Also if you powered off in standby, it will power back on to standby..

You should see the welcome message tho (I think).

Check the scart socket is connected correctly and to the right one?
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