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Green Light on front of Roamio

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Dear Forum, can someone tell me why my green on light on front of my roamio is not working? Everything else seems to be working just fine. It started fading out where only half of the light was lit and not today its out altogether? Is there a fix for this? Should I be concerned? Thanks
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Im doing a restart on my tivo and the green light is blinking sometimes but its like brighter on one side than the other if you know what I mean?
It is a problem for others. BTW, the yellow LED is on the same circuit board.

Green Light Failing
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The yellow light lights up when I push a remote function that does not work that for a particular venue, but stays unlit as well. It only lights up if I push a button on remote that creates a non functioning menu item. The green light is off even though the tivo is on and working. I just want to know if this a normal functioning indicator.
It is normally on except when power is removed or the box is in Standby.
If you have a volt meter, I would just open it up and measure the voltage across the led to determine if you just need to replace the led or voltage regulator powering it. If it’s the circuit driving the led your most likely out of luck. I recall in the past I had a poorly lit green led and it was the regulator which should have been at 12v but instead turned out to be 9v instead.

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Would you have a schematic of where the voltage regulator is? Much appreciated.
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