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Great Movies on TCM...

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So some of you may know about this, but its worth repeating. TCM (Turner Classic Movies), pre-Oscars, is showing some of the very best and highest rated Oscar worthy older Movies - and so many are worth knowing about and worth recording (even if you have seen them before)

Here's a few I'm recording: LA Confidential, Dr. Strangelove, Bullitt, Singing in the Rain (yes, I've seen all of them, but they're all worth seeing again)

But, there's just a ton more Oscar nominated films being offered now just before the Oscars....
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Yep. I have recorded several and a few more coming to add to my upcoming viewing.
Thanks for the reminder. I create a Wishlist/Folder every year at this time, "Classic Movies". I think I had 10-11 movies in it last year.

I don't always get to all of them, but my intentions are pure . . . :D
I've recorded many movies from TCM over the years. They are all part of my video library I store on a PC connected to my TV. So I can watch them anytime I want.
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