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Today was the last straw for me.

I’ve been a Tivo user since 1999. I’ve dealt with IR blasters, dial up phone lines, third party hardware, and model after model after model of bugs and hardware failures since the Series 1. I’ve learned to set up and support MOCA networks and troubleshoot Tivo hardware at a level nobody should have to put up with.

But today, when my Edge died for the fourth time in two years, I finally said I’ve had enough. I couldn’t take one more tech support call, where I spend 45 minutes on the phone convincing them I really did plug my Tivo into the wall, and I hooked it up to my TV, and I tried rebooting it at least ten times before calling you. And no, it’s not the outlet and it’s not the power supply. It’s the crappy hardware you keep shipping me.

I thought I was going to be one of the last holdouts. But after another failure in just six months, I couldn’t take it any more. I cancelled my annual subscriptions. And then I canceled my Frontier FIOS TV service. I signed up for a free trial of YouTube TV, and if I don’t like that I’ll give Hulu a try. But I won’t be coming back to Tivo. The boxes are all unplugged and stored in a closet where I’ll likely forget they exist until my next spring cleaning.

You have all been very helpful to me over the years in answering my questions and helping me troubleshoot, and for that I say thank you. I will miss you all. But I won’t miss Tivo. And I’m just sad about that.
Sad to see another early TiVo adopter give up. I'm like you, an early adopter and have had the same experience along with a large collection of older TiVo DVRs taking up space in my basement. Really like the TiVo GUI so never tried any other DVR. Just had to replace my Bolt+ that had the infamous HD failure so decided to move to the Edge rather than rebuild the Bolt+ since it ran hotter than my toaster oven. Just hoping the Edge holds on long enough to see the demise of the cable card that makes it functional. It's been quite a ride with TiVo DVRs but the end is near. Good luck to you.
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