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About the same time Tivo+ started showing up on TE4 units, my TE3 units started getting 'Free Movies' served as gold star ads. (This is not a complaint about gold star ads, we had that debate, like, 15 years ago).

Currently available are How to Train your Dragon (* An unlikely friend. Watch FREE), and 13 going on 30 (Wish to be older? Watch FREE - which I honestly assumed would be Big).

If you just let it play (starts with an unskippable ad, occasional unskippable* ads interlaced), it plays alright, quality is medium at best. But trickplay controls are so abysmally unresponsive that if you want to pause, you need to plan ahead a good 30 seconds.

* I assume they're unskippable. The trickplay was so horrendous it was impossible to tell.

Clearly it's an app, but whose? What's providing these two movies? Is it a flavor of Tivo+ visible on TE3 boxes? Some other app?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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