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fatcat4009 said:
Right now I can do about 13MBs a minute (800 MB show in one hour) from my TIVO to PC. Will upgrading to "g" really cut that time down?
Not a lot. With a wired connection a 540 TiVo can do around 16MB/m. That is a speed that is limited by the TiVo internals. 2xx TSN TiVos are faster though. So it depends on which TiVo you have whether you get any improvement.

With Any TiVo just switching to wireless G may not speed things up at all, in fact some have reported a slight slowdown. However, TiVo's new wireless G USB adapter offloads wireless protocol support from the TiVo and does give the speed improvement of a wired connection. So, you may want to consider replacing your adapter rather than your router, or your adapter along with your router.

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