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Going back to 40 Mb

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Since my DirectTV Tivo is reloading by itself, should i get back to 40 Mb Drive with software 6.3? If this is possible, can this be done by making a copy from my 120 Mb (hacked disk) to a new 40 Mb? It looks like so easy to me that i don't think is the right solution.

Please, guide me to achieve this, all i want is to watch tv, and record a few hours.

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Unless the available tools have changed recently
you cannot go from a larger drive to a smaller drive.

If by "reload" you mean reboot and your current
software version is 6.3e you might be able to
get your unit working again by setting up a
drive with software version 6.2 or older.

If you have your original drive and it does
not cause your system to reboot you can
use MFS Live tools to create a new larger
drive based on your original drive. Be sure
to unplug the phone line to prevent the
software from upgrading.

If you don't have your original drive or it
also causes the reboot problem you will need
to get Instantcake to create a new drive or
purchase a pre-loaded drive from WeaKnees
that has the 6.2 or older software.

And of course your problem could be something
else entirely.
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Thanks a lot, i will follow your advice.
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