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With the third installment of our Monster PVR series, we here at SnapStream asked ourselves, “How can we beat the Medusa PVR, our 6 tuner beast, and our Hydra PVR, our 10 tuner monster?”

Why, by making an 11 tuner system with HDTV support, of course!
This is when the Godzilla PVR system, king of all monsters was born. How do we top the Hydra PVR? This system is an ultra high end HTPC showcasing Beyond TV 4 and capable of recording 11 shows, 4 high definition and 7 standard definition, at once. With Beyond TV 4’s HDTV support and with its unlimited tuners, you can create your own monster system.​

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Don't have $4.5 grand but I would love to see it in action as long as it could record 11 different shows at once, reliably. Next I'd want to see it actually control all the various receivers by changing 11 different channels and then recording the content on all 11 tuners.


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Justin Thyme said:
Some assembly required....

"Honey... Honey... Did you leave the vacuum cleaner on?"

"No sweet pea. That's just the DVR. Put your headphones back on. It's not so bad that way..."
Just put it in the basement, and vent the fan exhaust into your heater ducts. ;) Probably keep you warm all winter long :D

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Fortunately by XMAS TiVo will be offering the "Cheaper by the Half Dozen" S3 option to compete with Godzilla. $4200 w/ subscription (an $84 savings!). BUT WAIT...you get 12 tuners, all with HD capability! BUT WAIT...you get 1.5 TB of storage! BUT WAIT...you get Sudoku!

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I've been wanting to build a mini sports bar type dealio with split screens... 2 streams of live TV would be nice, 5 or 6 would be ideal. SnapStream's BeyondTV does not support multiple streams of live (or recorded) playback and I can't imagine 11 shows I want to watch being on simultaniously. Of course that isn't the point, the point is to prove they can do it (and get some press). At $4k (the cost of their rig), I'm pretty close to an external device to send multiple signals to one display. Ultimately it's probably cheaper to buy a few LCD's and split the signal the old fashion way.
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