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Go Easy on me - Newbie - broken series 1 with questions

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I know the initial response will be for me to search the forums... I have done that and am more confused than when I started.

I have a series 1 that I bought from a friend with a lifetime subscription. It started making horrible noises, and is broken now. I was looking on this site at the series 2 (just to get me by until I get HD, etc.). Will I have any problem getting the rebate on the new box as I never "registered" my series 1... but they probably have the phone number etc. Could I transfer the subscription? What would you all do?

If that makes sense I would appreciate any help, or suggestions.

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You should contact Tivo (Tivo.com) and get the subscription switched into your name. Once that is done you can add additional systems to your account. Additional systems will be eligible for the discount.

Did it sound like a Hard Drive grinding? You can purchase a new hard drive from the several sources that will revive your S1.

I sold my old S1 to someone and had the system transferred to an account for them.

Good luck and enjoy your Tivo!
Thanks for your help -

That is exactly what it sounds like (Grinding... then it would freeze and not do anything so I would unplug it and re-plug it... then that even stopped working) - but when I opened it up there were 2 hard drives...

Is there a good web resource that could help someone like me (non-technical) I like the idea of just replacing the HD if I a neophyte like me could do it without spending 6 hours on it. Who would be a good place to buy a HD from?

Thanks again!
I've had great success with Weaknees. They sell a whole replacement or addon kit, whichever you need. They sell formatted drives in various sizes. www.weaknees.com.
I upgraded my S1 with a kit from weaknees, very easy to do. Instructions where very simple.
Weaknees would be a great place to start :D

And welcome to the Forums.
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