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Glee 1/24/12

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After all the build up the Jackson special was replaced with the State of the Union speech. Has there been any word if they are going to run it next week?
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It was never scheduled for this week, far as I'm aware. The preview last week said "in two weeks."
OK, I dont watch the previews so I missed that part.
It was going to be a repeat of "I Am Unicorn" (I think that's the one where they form the TroubleTones) and air before (in the east) or after (in the west) the State of the Union address, but Fox decided to re-air the San Diego audition episode of American Idol instead (I'm not sure if they decided this before or after Sunday, when the football game ran long and, as a result, the Idol episode ran really late out east).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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