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Gilmore Girls "Gwen and Gavin" 1/17/06 SPOILERS

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Luke, you complete frickin' moron. :rolleyes: Lorelei gives you an out the size of the Grand Canyon, and you had to go crash and burn.

I did like the throwaway line about Algernon, the Harry & David references (yes, H&D do make one helluva fine pear), and "Welcome to the S.H., *****!"

Nice job with Paul Anka's swami outfit. But "songs of gemstones"? :confused:

The Harold Raines reference probably will go over the head of everybody in this country who doesn't read the New York Times, though.

Bring back Emily and Richard! SOON!
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Graymalkin said:
Bring back Emily and Richard! SOON!
All in good time. Next week signals the return of Friday night dinner, which goes on for a record eight scenes
Yeah, I was hoping it would have a sort of happy ending, but Luke had to go be a moron about it and postpone it...

It's like guys in TV land have no clue about woman...

When your woman says "it's no problem at all", It's a BIG frickin' problem ya dope!
Of course, now I'm wondering what was in the note that Lorelai sent to Rory...

Hiring someone to push a coffee cart around after your ex-girlfriend is certainly a new one to me :).

Oh yes. Trust Paris to take the info she got from Rory and use it totally the wrong way. Bring on the coupe; out with Geller.
I swear, Paris is even more annoying than her cousins Ross and Monica. And that's saying something! ;)

I, too, would love to know what Lorelei wrote in that letter. Of course, they didn't actually write anything -- they just told Rory what sort of reaction to play every 5 seconds. :)
If anyone happens to have this on tape or DVD (or can get it), my TiVo didn't record it. It was on the ToDo list, and in fact a day later it's still on the ToDo list (to be recorded at the right time), the system time is right, but anyway ..

If you have this, and can get it to Seattle, please send me a PM or e-mail me and I'll make sure you can do so at no expense to you.

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