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Getting TIVO and live TV to sync on game day

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I now have a 100 inch projection system in a room in my basement, the room is simply an extension of the main basement where I have a 42 inch plasma.

The projection is hooked up to a series 3 tivo. The plasma is above the fireplace, and was wired with 5 R-59 cables with RCA plugs at each end, presumably for component and stereo feeds, and it works fine in that respect, although I would have preferred hdmi, the picture is perfect.

I have not decided how I am going to feed the plasma, but come football season, it will be party time down in the basement, with some folks watching on the plasma and some on the projector, but essentially, they will be in the same room, a delay (just how many seconds is the delay) is troublesome, as its rough to hear a big scream from the plasma folks and not see why until seconds later. (i have seen this happen at a friends house with tivo, and a TV above the bar.

What if any options do I have? Getting a Tivo HD for the plasma is about the only option I can think of, but i would like to avoid that expense.

Can I run component from the one TIVO to both the projector and Plasma on game day? Too bad there is not a magic delay box you can dial in.

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First off, there is about a 5 second delay on average for most all DVR's because they will record the signal to the HD then play what is recorded. As a result you get a 3 to 5 second delay on DVR's even when watching a live signal.

This delay of course varies depending on the DVR you are useing. (Tivo, Moto, etc...)

Here are your options....

1. Hook your 100" TV up to HDMI and the plasma up to Component.

2. Get a Powered HDMI splitter and hook both the Plasma & Projection up to HDMI.
(Not cheap as a powered HDMI splitter costs about $150 & up) Not counting cables.

3. Get a powered Component Splitter. (Powered is needed if you are running compnent cables over 30 feet) And hook both the Plama & projection via Component. Again not cheap as Powered component splitters cost about $100 and up.

#2 option is the most expensive, however will provide you with the BEST picture AND Sound quality for BOTH the projection & Plasma. 100" the difference in picture quality between HDMI & Component can EASILY be seen.

Cheaper HDMI & Component splitters can be found, however, keep in mind you get what you pay for & those under $150/$100 should be questioned for quality.

Short cable runs quality won't be noticed as much as larger cable runs.

I personally would pony up the bucks for a POWERED HDMI splitter at $150 and use HDMI on both TV's. You won't be sorry!

I currently have a 65" plasma in my main room, & a 50" plasma in my Game room. Both run off a single Tivo S3. I use a powered HDMI splitter. The cable run from the main room to the Game room is 125 Feet. The cable run from the splitter to my 65" is only 6 feet. I have noticed absolutely no loss in picture or sound quality in either plasma.

If you get the non powered component splitters. Total cable length (Add both runs together since not powered) should be kept to no longer than 30 feet. That means 15 feet to projection and 15 feet to Plasma... or any combination as long as the total is not over 30 feet.

HDMI splitting without power have the issue of "errors" between the signal from the TV BACK to the Tivo. (HDCP compliance). Powered HDMI splitters handle HDCP compliance without issue. I have found that those that are not powered, BOTH TV's have to be on to tell the Tivo that it is ok to watch HDCP compliant video. (Such as ESPN & HBO). With a powered HDMI splitter. You only need one TV on to pass the HDCP compliant signal back to the Tivo.

Hope that helps.

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