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Getting Remote To Turn TV & Receiver On/Off

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Just switched from a Denon to an Onkyo receiver and the best I can do is get the remote to work the volume and mute on the receiver and power OFF the TV.

I seem to recall there was a shortcut for the remote to control both the TV and AV receiver ON/OFF function.
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Follow the directions for programming the TV, but use the receiver's code instead. Then the power button will do as you want.
I have an Onkyo receiver and mine uses different codes for turning the unit off and on. If I turn the power off using the remote I have to manully turn it back on from the button on the receiver. What I have been doing is pressing the mute button on the Tivo remote to turn the sound off and then press the power button to turn the TV off.
I havent read any work arounds for the problem.
If you have one of the learning glow remotes you can learn the power on/off button for up to three devices. My receiver has separate codes for on and off so I set the power button to turn on both the tv and receiver, and the input button I changed to the power off code. There are directions to do this on the Tivo website
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