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I think you've got a good solution there. Use the Tivo for no cable box needed channels and the cable PVR for everything else.

The downside of this mix is that you can't use the Tivo's search functions for the tv channels above channel 72 or so and then program the cable PVR with that info.

rgr said:
ZikZak- Thanks again for your response. After pondering what you wrote, I think I'm going to:
1) split the cable for two feeds
2) one feed to the 6412 for pure digital and HD - using hdmi to the tv
3) the second feed to the TiVo for SD on whatever channels the TiVo will recognize without a cablebox (2 to 80-something, I think) - using s-video to the tv

It took awhile for what you wrote to sink in, and I realized the sequence I had in mind (6412 -> TiVo -> TV) would be a disaster as everything would be downscaled to the TiVo's resolution - not good.

Also, I have come to the conculsion that barring a miracle, the 6412 does not have serial channel control, and that the "serial" the comcast reps were talking about was SATA, as that is new to the 6412 phase III and I can find no reference, no diagram that would support serial control. Although I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised.

So I'll be left with the ability to record HD (and all channels) on the 6412 with 2 tuners and channels 2 to 80-something on the TiVo (which is the vast majority of my recording in any case).

I think I've got it covered. If I'm missing anything, let me know.

Thanks again!
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