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I have a Panny Plasma with HD tuner and a CCard slot.

I have an OTA antenna, Tivo and Mot 6412 all hooked up.

OTA (Silver Sensor) - connected directly to the TV - Input 1

Cable from wall is split into two.

One wire goes to the Tivo. The other goes to the Mot 6412.

Than I have the Tivo and the Mot 6412 going into my Receiver.

The receiver is hooked up to the TV using Component to Input 2.

The Tivo box has the worst picture since it is all analog.
Analog channels through the Mot 6412 are better than Tivo but I guess this is cable's "digital cable".
The digital channels that display HD programming make SD material look better than the analog channels through the Mot 6412.
The OTA antenna HD programming looks just as good to me as the Mot6412 HD programming.
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