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So I finally set everything up correctly (or so I thought) on my mac (converedt movie to mpg using visualhub). I can see my computer in the now playing list AND the movie I've converted BUT when I select "watch on this tv" I get the following error message:

"There was a problem transferring the requested program to this DVR. To view which programs won't be transferred and why, go to TiVo Central and select "Pick Programs to Record"-"To Do List"-"View Recording History".

When I go there I get the following message:

"This program was not transferred onto this DVR becaus it was not found on the (name of my computer)."

Is there anyone that could PLEASE help me with this???

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This error usually occurs when the MPEG file is not properly encoded. I'm not a Mac guy, so I've never used visualhub, but you need to ensure that the video is at one of these resolutions....


also it has to be in NTSC interlaced format (not progressive) and encoded at 29.97fps (might be listed at 30fps). Also the audio must be either MP2 or AC3 format, TiVo does not support LPCM.

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