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I noticed last night on my gen1 that I can upgrade to the gen3 for $200+unit cost. I gotta say the deal is not bad and considering it.

I've checked out the box specs and I see there are no A/V inputs, and I didn't seen anything that could be used as a IR blaster output.

So I have DirecTv, and I know they currently do not make a CableCard, and I am not interested in switching to cable.

So... is there a cable card that has A/V inputs and has a jack to connect an IR blaster, and preferably something I can buy not rent.


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Sadly, the S3 does not support A/V input from external STBs (like your D* box). There is speculation that a later model may, but no official announcement. For now, an S2 is your best bet for getting new functionality and retaining your D* compatability. You might consider offering a swap for a non-upgrade-eligible S2 to someone who can use your S1 to do the upgrade to an S3.
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