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FYI: Premiere & TiVo HD can tune 860-1000 Mhz range

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FYI, I've confirmed myself that Premiere units are capable of tuning channels in 860-1000MHz range. I also confirmed S3 OLED unit cannot. Reportedly TiVo HD units can as well according to AVS Forum post in my local Cox forum. For example the following channels that are supposed to be part of Cox Plus package available with the Cox Whole Home DVR package can be tuned by my Premieres:

This is for Cox, Orange County, CA
881            891
884            897
886            903
885            909
888            915
882,883        921
887            927
889,890        933
893,894        939
891,892        945
I post this because there was a question in this forum whether software/firmware update to TiVos would be needed to tune these high frequency channels. This puts that question to rest.
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