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Fully Functional Pioneer DVR810-HS Universal Remote

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I chose the title very carefully. Please don't tell me about the One-for-all and the phillips universal remotes that will work Tivo and N-O-T (Read please don't) work the full functions of the Pioneer Tivo/DVD-R combo.

Yes! I also know I can pay $40-$50 for a real remote from weaknees..., but it is not universal. I now own 4 of these units (3 without remotes) and I need a solution....(DON'T STOP READING YET!)

I plan to replace 3 DVD players with these three units and I want the use of a DVD to work like the family is used to doing with the current Pioneer unit.

Is there a universal remote that has the buttons/features of or mimmicks the Tivo peanut remote that comes with these units?

Please don't give me how you compromised the above and decided to do it this way or that. I have a specific need. If you own one of these units, you know what I mean. If you don't own one of these units, don't tell me you don't know about the Pioneer, but you did this with the Humax....Toshiba....whatever.


These units are no longer made, but they are superior in my opinion. I just need a good remote.

Thanks for listening and please don't tell me to search this or that. Please don't tell me to look at this thread or that thread because, I've spent hours looking at all of them.
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Don't read this if you don't want to, I don't give a [email protected]

If you were to get a OFA remote. like the 6820, 8820, or 10820, which have setup codes tivo remote addresses 1-4, which are SAT 1443 or PVR 0740-address #1, SAT 1444 or PVR0745-#2, SAT 1538 or PVR 1239-#3, SAT 1539 or PVR 1240-#4.

You can use Advanced codes for Pioneer specific commands, which are:

TOP MENU-00166
VCR PLUS+-00041

To map these to keys on the OFA remote:

1. SAT or PVR
2. press and hold SET for two blinks
3. enter 9-9-4
4. tap SET for one blink
5. enter 5 digit Advanced code
6. pick a key
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Thanks for the reply and I DO give a crap. I may have come off a little over-the-top on my post, but I know how some people tell you this and that without actually providing any useful information.

So, based on what you say, I can buy one of the OFA remotes and there will be extra buttons that I can use to (I guess I'm saying) over-program or punch-thru or override to use the DVD funtions? I do have one of the Pioneer Tivo remotes I could use to teach another universal. I guess I'm just looking for the best match. If you say the OFA remotes are, and I have looked at them with great interest, then so be it.

There are plenty of keys to remap, as you see in this photo, the middle remote is the urc-10820, on the right is the 8820:

The 6820, 8820, 10820 are all learning remotes too, they can learn about 100 commands for the whole remote.
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The Advanced codes for DVD and TOP MENU were wrong, the ones listed now are right. Took it for granted that they would match Humax commands.
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