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I’m an Early TiVo adopter (around 2001) and have decided to cut the cord. I’m looking for offers on the below, as at this point I just want to get them out of my house. . Offers for whole package or individually. If you’re in L.A. I’m happy to deliver, or I will pass through shipping to anywhere else at cost. Im pretty anxious to move these, so any relatively reasonable offer will be considered.
Photos and Serial Numbers provided upon request.

Tivo Bolt+ with Lifetime Service
Model TCD-849300V - 3 TB
Bolt Vox, but without Vox Remote (still has non-Vox remote) as it was a warranty replacement unit for a defective Bolt+

TiVo Premiere XL with Lifetime Service
Model TCD-74800
Hard Drive Replaced with 2TB Weakknees upgrade (self-install)

Tivo Bolt 500 GB (White)
Model TCD-849500
Never Used or Activated (but box has been opened) - Comes with 1 Year of Service included (original Best Buy sales receipt included)
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