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Yes this is a few years old but wife and I just found it and binged it. Where to start? Certainly entertaining, shooting locations were awesome. Before watching any of the eps, my assumption was Jason would go around and kick butt. Although there was some of that, more often he was arrested and in jail, in stocks, or under the hangman's noose.

I thought the characters were great. Would have loved to have seen more of Mary ;-)
Writing? grade D. Wide open wilderness but somehow the characters continue to run into each other. No time was wasted traveling great distances and walking was almost as fast as taking a ship.
Seems like every episode was rushed. Final ep left some unsettled business, almost like they ran out of money and just decided to end it.

Best characters: Tie between Grace and Sokanon, with honorable mention of Cobbs and Lord Benton.

Would have loved to have seen a slower pace and more details filled in.
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