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Here is a Q&A from the latest TiVo email newsletter I got this evening.

You Ask, We Answer
Q: I have been a loyal TiVo fan for many years and am so disappointed that I cannot use the home media features with my DIRECTV Receiver with TiVo. I actually have two "combo" boxes and my faithful 40-hour TiVo box, which I keep moving around the house so I can still utilize all the great new [broadband-enabled] features. Are there any plans to bring the DIRECTV DVRs up to speed? — Ira K.

A: Fair question, Ira. The short answer? It's not up to TiVo.

Currently all TiVo subscribers with a (standalone) TiVo® Series2™ DVR connected to their home network can enjoy the advantages of a broadband-connected DVR, including features like Online Scheduling as well as streaming podcasts and buying movie tickets from your couch.

Meanwhile, DIRECTV subscribers with a combination TiVo box — even the ones with the correct networking "hardware" — cannot. Why?

DIRECTV® is a licensee of TiVo® technology. That means DIRECTV decides which features (or software version) of the TiVo® service to support. DIRECTV also sets its own pricing for the services offered.

So while you are using a version of the TiVo®-branded service and chances are your box was built with support of such features in mind, you remain a DIRECTV® customer and as such, will receive the version of the software that DIRECTV decides to support. At this time, DIRECTV chooses not support any of TiVo's broadband-enabled features.

Maybe one day...

As a DIRECTV subscriber myself (I wrote 'em a note), you're preaching to the choir. Meanwhile, good move on getting your standalone Series2™ box: enjoy those cool features!
It just confirms what we already know, but it's nice to get an official stand - at least from TiVo!
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