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qIroS said:
I think it's time to ditch this TiVo. If I can't get the aerial only installation working tonight, it's going in the skip.

If you are really serious about throwing it away then I will gladly pay the postage for you to send it to me :)

Having had SEVERE Sky+ hassles for the last 2 days I really want a second Tivo.

My SKY+ box died on Monday with the power light just blinking so I replaced it with a "spare" that I recently bought. All was OK apart from no premium channels so rang SKY to get card paired to new box.

Shortly afterwards I went to delete one of my test recordings and the hard drive died :(

Because of the dead drive the box refused to come out of standby.

Tried fitting a spare 120G drive that I had and it refused to see it until after I put it into a PC and did a low level format.

In the meantime Tivo continued to operate faultlessly apart from all my disk space was beign eaten by other family members :(

All is now back to normal but it makes you realise how much you rely on PVR technology !!!!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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