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Someone might have figured this out already, but as I haven't seen this fix posted anywhere (and I've been looking and looking throughout all sorts of forums, but never found something that worked for me --- or if there was something, maybe I just didn't understand the directions!!), I thought I'd post it:

I finally found a way to permanently enable my Harmony 880 to have the "30-second skip" function (without having to ever re-enter the "Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select" sequence).

In my "Watch Tivo" activity, I clicked "Settings", then "Review Settings for this activity", then "Add more control of options", then "Custom Actions". Then, under "When you enter this activity," I added 6 actions:

Send "Select" command
Send "Play" command
Send "Select" command
Send "3" command
Send "0" command
Send "Select" command

Then I added the same 6 actions under "When you leave this activity". (I had to do this so that the 30-second skip wouldn't toggle off the next time I started up my "Watch TiVo" activity.)

This is the only way I could figure out to make it work for me.
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