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Must have been a new software update overnight. My Bolt that is running HORRIBLE TE4 for testing is on 21.9.6.v7 this morning, and I have no idea exactly when it picked up that number, but I do know that I saw those disgusting gray arrows of nasty delay when I started a program from My Shows again today, and this is a horrible change from what I had yesterday. I have been thankfully free of that garbage since complaining to Bad_Rovi several months back, but they are back now! I have only selected one program so far, and it just had the arrows, no pre-roll commercial, but it is another ominous sign of how disgusting this company has become. If I have to see those nasty arrows of delay, I am sure the intrusive and unwanted commercials will start again too.

Adding insult to injury, the Guide commercials are back and WORSE THAN EVER!!!!! They disappeared on this Bolt a week or two ago, but this morning they are BACK, and with MORE THAN ONE PER PAGE! Gawd how I have grown to detest this company!
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