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I don't consider myself a computer novice, but I am also not on the same level as alot of you either. I'm trying to understand 'bit torrent'. I am aware that it is a peer to peer file sharing of video files (or at least, that is my understanding). But if someone could explain to me the nuances of it, in simple terms, I would greatly appreciate it.

A few basic questions:

what are the risks of spyware and viruses when you share files this way?

do you need a player to view these files or are they viewed through real player or windows media player?

are there any sites that are better than the others for downloading and sharing files?/

Thanks in advance for any help.

edit: never mind...I was brought to this forum from the DirecTv Tivo forum, and now I see this is all discussed in another thread...I'll try there first...thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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