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Great episode. This series grew on me all season, and (IMO) ended with a bang. Good call by HBO renewing this.

Mel: "What are the chances? We're always bumping into each other."
Jemaine: "About one in one."

That was a better Flashdance than Flashdance. And Murray drives a BMW. :cool:

A giant stadium. Hmm, it must be big.

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The VIC-20 was back... they keep alternating between this and the upgraded PC, suggesting that the eps were shot out of order; but I can't imagine that anything we saw this season was intended to air after this one. Still, I expect that the Crazy Dogggz will be a one-hit wonder, and Murray will be back to his old job soon.

Anubys: Seriously, you don't like their music? Conchords rock! I was missing it this episode. All we got was snippets, and the truly awful Crazy Dogggz song.
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