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(Fixed) TiVo S3 Unit #1-6 Slingbox PL .bin files now available

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This Sling remote control upgrade allows you to more effectively use multi-unit TiVo support with the S3 and Sling.

By default Sling only includes multi-unit support for TiVo S2 (1-4). While you can use the S2 multi-unit support for the S3, the "Clear" and "Aspect"(stdby) buttons do not work correctly.

This upgrade fixes those buttons for multi-unit TiVo S3 support and also allows you to specify unit #s 1-6. I have not found a way to associate the TiVo S3 graphical remote image with this upgrade, so the image of the remote will still be the old S2 remote, however the important thing is all the buttons will work.

You can select to use your new .bin file by using the Slingbox client

Place files in your SlingPlayer\SBAV directory

Slingbox->Properties->Slingbox Configuration->Audio/Video Setup
->DVR (Digital Video Recorder)->TiVo->Other->Alternative Code
->V17## (## = 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 = unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
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Can these files be used with the Mac version of the SlingPlayer? I can't seem to find a SBAV directory on my Mac.

From what I can tell the files are actually uploaded by the SlingClient to the Slingbox hardware during configuration of the unit. The client itself doesn't directly use the .bin file, it is the hardware that uses the file. The trick then would be to figure out how to get the Mac client to send the new .bin files.

The SBAV directory on the PC Slingclient contains these files:
So possibly looking for those files will help identify the appropriate directory on Mac.

Alternately I believe you could use a PC temporarily just for configuration of the hardware (ie to configure component/svideo/composite to say TiVo is attached and selecting the remote control device #), and then go back to using the Mac slingbox client for normal operations.

Let me know how it works out. I can create or customize upgrades for S2 as well if you need to control units 5,6, etc. or some buttons are not working right for a particular OEM TiVo model.
rbienstock said:
Can these files be used with the Mac version of the SlingPlayer? I can't seem to find a SBAV directory on my Mac.
It looks like if you "Show Package Contents" of Slingbox.app and then "Show Package Contents" of Slingbox Setup Assistant.app, you'll find the SBAV folder.

Here's the path.
/Applications/SlingPlayer.app/Contents/Slingbox\ Setup\ Assistant.app/Contents/Resources/SBAV
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