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First problem ever (10 years) - please help :) (Tivo hanging)

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Spookily, after 10 years service (only on 2nd upgraded hard drive (out of choice, not failed drives)), and just days before the EPG switch, something odd is happening. Two days ago, Tivo hung (screen stopped on live tv, lights on, not responding to any remote commands, could still ping it, but but not use ftp/telnet/Tivoweb.

It appeared to be trying to do a daily call when it failed, and the call said it had failed, after I rebooted. I then did a manual call, which worked fine (updates took a while when you're watching it! ;) ).

Two days later (today), I came home to find Tivo had hung again, in the same way. However, this time, it looks like it should have done it's daily call yesterday at 18:00ish, but didn't. We were using it to watch stuff until approx 22:30 last night and the logs all seem to stop at approx 22:49. Nothing obvious that I can see in the logs.

Both times I had to pull the plug to get it back up (again, a first). It's just finished doing a manual daily call, and I still can't find anything obvious in any of the logs, but I am suspicious that it's linked to the daily call (as it seemed to fail on that initially, and didn't do one last night).

Any ideas? (I don't really know what I'm looking for in the logs, but I can't find anything obvious when prodding around). I did save a copy of all the logs after I pulled the plug this evening, so I can go back and see if I can find anything if anyone has any bright ideas.

I'd like to be comfortable that all is well before going to the altEPG, as if I have problems then, I won't know if it's altEPG related or whatever the problem is currently.

From here on, I'll be keeping a close eye on the daily call, and the internal temp, which currently, after a couple of hours back on, is sitting nicely on 38C (Normal).

Finally, I have a reboot.log where I pipe the time on startup in the rc.sysinit.author, and the list of reboots over the last few years is very seldom, and until the last two days, there has been no reboots for a long time.



Matt :)
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Power supply.

Mine had random hangings, nothing in log, sometimes just stopped other times random reboots.

Changed power supply and worked fine.
Interesting. Thanks.

However, today, the next scheduled daily call was at 5:27pm, which came and went with no call being attempted. This seems to be following the pattern from the 1st to 2nd hangs.

Any idea what controls the scheduling or is there a log I can look in to see anything to do with that specifically? The tclient log only seems to have actual comms stuff in it, and tvlog seems to just mention when it kicks off tclient.

Any help greatly appreciated!


Matt :)
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