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First DVD Player burn completed, now questions...

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I completed my first DVD Player playable burn of a TV program using VideoReDo and the authoring tool I had on hand (Nero Express). It went rather well I thought, but I have some questions:

First: I noticed is that the size of the file output by VideoReDo (in VOB) seemed to be an appropriate length, 2.09 GB or so, minus the ads. However, after conversion to a DVD player version of VOB, by Nero, the size of the file jumped to 3.84 GB! Is this a normal, expected size increase? (Excuse my "newb" status, eh. :) )

Second: Nero Express was the only authoring software on-hand. Are there suggestions as to other software for creating DVD playable DVDs? (I've seen Roxio mentioned and a fellow talking about a VideoReDo authoring add-on...)

Thank you for the assist folks!

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It has to recode from the 480x480ish resolution to the 720x640ish DVD resolution, hence the larger DVD file.

I think VideoRedo (or its newer cousin) will make the VOB structure, which NeroExpress can burn.

I use TyTools to author DVDs, and Nero to burn them.
The beta of the next version of VideoRedo (called VideoRedo TVSuite) has built-in DVD burning capabilities (including creating menus and such).

Thanks for the responses guys.

classicsat - Is there a way to force the DVD mode to just use 480 x 480 and keep the file size down?
I don't want to try and directly answer that question as I may not know the correct terms. However, you could always create an ISO image with whatever tool you choose and then run that image through DVDShrink to get it down to the right size for a single layer DVD. So, if you wanted, you could create a 6gb ISO and then shrink it to 4.7 to burn.

Quality being the tradeoff......
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