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If you go with the FiOS boxes (rather than TiVo) then you should be able to use FiOS On-Demand functions with those boxes. That is not possible on the TiVo boxes (no app for it, and no ability to access the content the way that the FiOS boxes do). First box is normally discounted, additional outlet boxes normally have rental charges of at least as much as you would pay for a cable card that you would use with TiVo boxes.

If you go with the TiVo boxes (whether using individual TiVo's all around or using a single Roamio, Bolt or Edge as an example), you would need 1 cable card per main TiVo box and then you can add TiVo mini boxes to provide service at additional TVs. The mini's don't need a separate cable card as they simply access content and channels that are provided through the main boxes. Cable card cost is typically approx. $5 / month per card. You also have to factor in your TiVo fees, whether it is from all-in service (paid once) or monthly or annual service (paid each month or paid annually).

I long ago went with cable cards and all-in service. I'm still working on my 2nd plus year of using the TiVo edge boxes that I have, so technically I'm still "behind" or about even with the monthly TiVo costs, but when you do the math, you'd see that as I get beyond year 2 of the service that I'm gonna get back to where I'm saving money by having gone with all-in versus the monthly service. Assuming the boxes don't die in the next year or so, and give me a good bit of use beyond, I'm good.

For that matter, my daughter is still using an older box (it costs me the $5 / month for the cable card, but it has long ago crossed the line where the TiVo fees would divide down to nearly nothing per month it is in use).

Personally I have only rarely missed not having in demand service through the TiVo's. Verizon FiOS offers an app that you can use on other devices (Roku, PC, etc.) to access some content but I really have barely even considered using it. I have enough programming from the channels that are there, plus, well, from T-Mobile I get Netflix as part of my plan; from Verizon I got a discount on Disney+ (and took advantage of a 3 year subscription offer that brought that cost down significantly anyway) and then expanded that to the bundle with Hulu and ESPN; and from Amazon I get prime and all of the content there. I pay separately for MotorTrend (and got a big discount on that) and had used that to catch up on some content that was only available through the app (I think it was eventually shown on the cable channel, but was streaming only at first), and also pay for Paramount+ (former CBS All Access). So..... I have a ton of available content that I can access -- some via the TiVo's (Prime, Hulu and Netflix for example), some only through other apps on my TV or on other set-top-boxes (Roku as an example, or my Xbox or Playstation as another example).

I love my TiVo boxes and have had pretty good experiences with all of the ones I have had. Every now and then aa drive has died on me or I've had issues with other electronics and it required replacement but warranty replacement wasn't too expensive and I got more than enough service out of the replacements to keep me happy. I wish I could ditch the monthly cable card access fee but since I love being able to catch Hockey, or MLB content as well as having a spouse that wants to watch Hallmark content, or other Discovery network and partner programming (I could get her access to some of that via Discovery+ streaming) and I'm lucky enough to have my employer covering my monthly internet service, my portion of the FiOS bill isn't all that bad. Even without the monthly supplement from my employer the cost of the FiOS programming isn't that bad -- especially not when compared with paying for all of the cord cutting options and streaming services that would be combined to get me back to where I already was.

TL;DR summary here and ask back to the original poster: what programming are you hoping to have available on the TiVo boxes?? If you are trying to get your premium channels and other such content, then cable cards are your best option in most cases (with FiOS). Normally you wouldn't need tuning adapters and other additional cost items, but you would need cable cards which do have monthly rental fees. (And if you use cable cards, you don't need the FiOS boxes at all, unless you really, really, really want on-demand access).
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