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I have two legacy Tivo boxes - a Tivo Series 2 and a Tivo Series 2 DT. I recently upgraded my FIOS STB boxes to Fios TV One and Fios TV One Mini. The new Fios boxes have limited connections on the back - only HDMI, USB, ethernet and Coax. Is there a way to connect the Tivo boxes to the new Fios boxes? If so, what adapters would I need? thx

I'm afraid your S2's won't work with those. I hope you had lifetime service on those and are they still using the original hard drives as that would be pretty amazing. :)

We don't have FIOS but your options would be to pay for and use the DVR service with the FIOS TV One and its mini (if it's not already enabled) or to replace both of them with newer TiVo models that use cableCards (don't need STB) and turn in the 2 FIOS boxes (and reduce your FIOS service cost). Cheapest option might be 2 HD with lifetime on eBay (or other used source) which would be very similar to your S2 but would also be very old technology at this point and you might have to worry about power supply capacitors and hard drive age although both are relatively easy to fix. A newer option which should be relatively inexpensive would be to get 1 Roamio with lifetime and 1 TiVo Mini on eBay (or other used source).

Maybe someone else who knows FIOS can provide some information comparing costs and functionality of your current boxes with DVR service versus newer TiVo's.

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