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Fios + Mcard install expected tomorrow *8/8

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Called the fios support line, asked for a cable card. Started through the order process and mentioned I needed an M-card for my unit. The person I was talking to had to go chat with a few other people, came back and confirmed I needed a "multistream" card (not a term I used, which is good). He then found and used what should be the the proper order notation procedure to (hopefully) make sure an m-card shows up with my installer.

TivoHD is already running and seems to work fine with the regular analog channels.

I don't have a time set tomorrow when the installer will show, they only do times at least 2 weeks out. So I get to work from home for the day.

I'll update here with what what happens. I'm sick of the qip6416.
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where are you? Fios in Maryland /AA county does not have Mcards, according to 3 folks there. :(

my cards are coming tomorrow afternoon. fingers crossed...
I don't think any areas have MCARDs unless they've already [or nearly] depleted their supply of the 'S' Cards.

But let us know how it goes.
Northern VA. They have them, as many posts have pointed out only mcards are shipping from the manufacturers. The question is do they have them at the supply depot or wherever they do the warehousing and are they able to get them into general stock yet.

They seemed ok with it when I called, so we shall see.
No mcard as you surmised. They were apologetic and are trying to track down how to get one. For now I have 2 scards in my tivo hd. No fuss, no muss otherwise. Seems to be working fine.
Yeah, Verizon didn't have M-cards in Tampa yet, either...at least I don't think so. My installer didn't even really know what they were, but said they (cablecards, and by that, I assume the old single stream cards) were very hard to come by in this market and hard to get. So I got 2 more S-cards yesterday.

Maybe that's good news for the Tampa market as far as getting multistream cards, assuming they're depleting their supply of S-cards.

If you call support or the order line, you're gonna be lucky to find anyone who knows what a "cablecard" is at all. I've actually been asked, "what's that?", and had Verizon key in my order as a "data" order and not a "TV" order, because I think the person on the phone had no idea.
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